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• Susan Currie Sivek's "Note from the Division Head" shares, among other topics, wonderful news about our division's name.

• Carol Holstead informs us of exciting new possibilities in submitting to the magazine competition.

• In case you did not have the opportunity to read it in other venues, we've also included the history of our division's journal.

• And, Miglena Sternadori has provided the grid for programming for the AEJMC Minneapolis conference; hot off the press, it is included here as well.

• A special thank you to Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin for doing such a terrific write-up of the San Francisco magazine tour, with notes on each visit, including info on internships, the state of the field, and challenges of new technologies, not to mention photos.

Many thanks to newsletter editor Sheila Webb for editing and producing this informative issue. Please send Sheila articles for the next issue.

Student Magazine Contest Has a New Category

By Carol Holstead

The Magazine Contest will have a new category this year and new $ (about $5,000!) to fund it. The new category is New Magazine Ideas. The requirements are less than a full business plan and prototype—a streamlined plan that could be done in as few as 12 pages. The City and Regional Magazine Association is sponsoring the new category and providing more prize money for the Team Startup category—$2,000 for the winner of New Magazine Ideas and $3,000 for the winners of Team Startup.

Here are the requirements for the new category: For teams and individuals, each entry must include ONLY the following.

A streamlined business plan:
• Concept description and mission statement (1 page)
• Proof of need (1–2 pages)
• Audience description (demographics, psychographics) and profile of one reader) (1–2 pages)
• Editorial plan (department and feature ideas) (1–3 pages)
• Description of platforms and social media (1–2 pages)
• Brief outline of competition (1–2 pages)
• Circulation frequency and rate base (justified) (1 page)
• Advertising vision + potential advertisers (1–2 pages)

Designed pages for a print magazine:
• Cover
• Table of contents (must include actual copy)
• One department (may use placeholder text)
• One feature (may use placeholder text)

Fall issue of the Magazine Division’s journal

You'll find these articles featured in the latest issue of the Journal of Magazine & New Media Research.

Editor's Reflection: Keep Your Eyes Wide
Elizabeth Hendrickson, Ohio University

Business as Usual? The Cultural, Economic, and Social Capital of Magazines in a Russian City
Yulia S. Medvedeva, University of Missouri

The Contribution of City Magazines to the Urban Information Environment
Susan Currie Sivek, Linfield College

Persuading the Public to Lose Weight: An Analysis of a Decade (2001-2011) of Magazine Advertisement
Suman Mishra, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Rebecca Kern, Manhattan College

The Future of the Magazine Form: Digital Transformation, Digital Continuity
David Abrahamson, Northwestern University

Academic Agility and Collegial Conversations: The Past, Present and Future of the Journal of Magazine & New Media Research
Kathleen Endres, University of Akron
Leara Rhodes, University of Georgia
Carol B. Schwalbe, University of Arizona
Miglena Sternadori, Texas Tech University
David Sumner, Ball State University

Book Review: Twenty Years of Magazine Research
David Sumner, Ball State University

Book Review: Harrington Shares His Craft of Storytelling
David Sumner, Ball State University

Book Review: A Life in the Hazy Borderlands Between Journalism and Literature
Kevin Lerner, Marist College

Student Magazines

A question from Donna Harrington-Lueker about student magazines prompted a number of responses on the Magazine Division listserv. A list of student magazines has been added to this site. If you would like to add a student magazine, please send the link and a brief description to Carol Schwalbe.

Please submit articles to the Journal of Magazine & New Media Research

The Magazine Division’s scholarly, refereed journal is now entering its 12th year. Its focus is the promotion and publication of research dealing with magazines and new media and the pedagogy related to those two areas. The journal publishes research reports, interpretive articles, opinion pieces, and critical reviews of books and teaching materials that deal with the field of magazines and new media.

If you’re interested in submitting an article, opinion piece, or review, check out the journal guidelines.

Please contribute to the Course Syllabi Sharing Service

Begun in 2002, the Course Syllabi Sharing Service includes copies of syllabi from magazine courses taught around the country, including feature writing and introductory magazine writing, advanced magazine writing and literary journalism, magazine design, magazine editing, magazine management, and online media.

If you’d like to participate in this service, please e-mail Carol Schwalbe a Word document or PDF file of your syllabi along with the name of the course. If your syllabi are already online, you can send me the URL.

Events, Etc.

Interested in reviewing a book or receiving a book to review for the Journal of Magazine & New Media Research?

Please contact Book Review Editor David Sumner.


August 4-7, 2016
Minneapolis—Hilton Hotel

August 9-12, 2017
Chicago—Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile

August 6-9, 2018
Washington, D.C.—Renaissance Washington DC Downtown