Magazine Division panel proposals due Wednesday, Oct. 1

The Magazine Division of AEJMC invites panel proposals for the 2015 conference, to be held in San Francisco. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, October 1.

At this time, we are soliciting ideas for panel ideas in three categories:

• TEACHING: Panels that discuss the state of the art in pedagogy: syllabus construction, grading, technology, classroom ethics, or any other panel on best practices or current debates in the field. This is the umbrella under which the yearly "teaching marathon" falls (about which, see more below).
PF&R: If you don't know, this stands for "Professional Freedom and Responsibility." These panels are a chance to address issues of shared concern between academic journalism and working journalists. It's always a great opportunity to bring in professionals, especially those who live in the cities we're visiting.
• RESEARCH: This is not the call for research papers, which will go out later this year, but if you have an idea for an invited research panel or a themed research session, now is the time to get that in. For all of these panels, consider making the most of our location in San Francisco and of any relevant anniversaries.

To submit your panel idea(s), just fill out the attached form and email it to me, Susan Currie Sivek, the Magazine Division Program Chair, at You'll need a suggested title for the panel, a brief description, and some suggested panelists and their academic or professional affiliations. Do not promise that these panels are set in stone yet, but you're free to ask possible panelists if they would be interested.

Also, it is extremely helpful if you can suggest possible co-sponsors for your panel. Because of the way the AEJMC panel programming system works, we can get more bang for our buck by partnering with other divisions to sponsor a panel.

Finally, two related calls:

• If you have an idea for an off-site or pre-conference panel, activity, party or excursion, now would be a great time to tell me or our Division Head, Kevin Lerner, about it.
• The Visual Communication Division will be taking the lead on our co-sponsored "Teaching Marathon" event for 2015. Aileen Gallagher, our Teaching Chair, has agreed to serve as the Magazine Division point person and will coordinate with Vis Comm. If you have a five-minute teaching idea, send a title along with a one-paragraph summary of your idea to Aileen at Please send any general questions about the submission process to me ( or to Kevin Lerner ( If you have area-specific questions, you can also contact:

• Research Chair: Miglena Sternadori
• PF&R Chair: Sandra Mardenfeld
• Teaching Chair: Aileen Gallagher

Again, the deadline for panel proposals is October 1...right around the corner.

Susan Currie Sivek, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Mass Communication
Linfield College | @profsivek

Summer issue of the Magazine Division’s journal

You'll find these articles featured in the latest issue of the Journal of Magazine & New Media Research.

Editor's Reflection: Diversity in Magazine Research
Miglena Sternadori, University of South Dakota

Negotiating Normalcy in Celebrity Health Behavior: A Focus Group Analysis
Amanda Hinnant, University of Missouri
Elizabeth Meyers Hendrickson, Ohio University

“Trail of Corpses”: Newsweek, Time, and U.S. News & World Report’s Coverage of Genocide in Southern Sudan, 1989-2005
Sally Ann Cruikshank, Auburn University

Reinforcing Traditional Gender Norms in Japan? An Analysis of Images in Japanese Men's and Women's Fashion Magazines
Catherine A. Luther, University of Tennessee
D. Renee Smith, University of Tennessee

Beauty Ideals in the Checkout Aisle: Health-Related Messages in Women’s Fashion and
Fitness Magazines

Lindsey Conlin, University of Alabama
Kim Bissell, University of Alabama

We Were Promised Jetpacks: The Digital Magazine Non-Revolution and the Waning Promise of an Enhanced Content Explosion
Jeff Inman, Drake University
Jill Van Wyke, Drake University

A New Digital Community? An Analysis of Gawker’s Commenters-to-Contributors Approach
Sheila Webb, Western Washington University

Story First—Publishing Narrative Long-Form Journalism in Digital Environments
Maria Lassila-Merisalo, University of Tampere

Book Review: Why We Love “Trash”
Carol Fletcher, Hofstra University

Book Review: Warm and Chatty Writing about Writing
David Sumner, Ball State University

Book Review: A Tantalizing Glimpse into Diana Vreeland's Shaping of Vogue
Carol Zuegner, Creighton University

Book Review: It’s Not All Rainbows and Unicorns in the Brave Digital World
Miglena Sternadori, University of South Dakota

Latest issue of Magazine Matter

Enjoy the summer issue of our division newsletter, Magazine Matter. To print the newsletter in spreads, download the spread version. If you prefer single pages, download the single-page version.

Many thanks to newsletter editor Sheila Webb for editing and to her student David Mitnik for producing this colorful issue. Please send Sheila articles for the next issue.

Student Magazine Contest 2014

This year Carol Holstead reports that we had 270 entries from 28 universities in the annual Student Magazine Contest.

This is the 19th year that Carol Holstead has coordinated the contest. Still, she is amazed by the generosity of our volunteer judges. Some have re-upped many years. (Dick Stolley, the founding editor of People magazine has judged since 2003.) They make thoughtful and instructive and sometimes hilarious (see Peter Moore's for Single Issue/Editorial) comments.

All student winners receive certificates. First-place winners receive checks for $100. Carol will distribute these at our annual conference during the Magazine Division Members Meeting, 6:45–8:15 p.m., Thursday, August 7, at the Le Centre Sheraton in Montreal. If you are attending the conference, please do your best to make the meeting or to find Carol so she can give you your certificates. If you are not attending and have a colleague attending, please let Carol know who so she can leave certificates with them. Otherwise, Carol will mail certificates to you when she returns home. Her cell is 785.218.3939. She is staying airbnb and not at a hotel.

If you have questions, please write to Carol Holstead. Our thanks go to Carol for organizing the Student Magazine Contest again this year!

2014 Winning entries [PDF] | Judges' comments on winning entries [PDF]

Student Magazines

A question from Donna Harrington-Lueker about student magazines prompted a number of responses on the Magazine Division listserv. A list of student magazines has been added to this site. If you would like to add a student magazine, please send the link and a brief description to Carol Schwalbe.

Please submit articles to the Journal of Magazine & New Media Research

The Magazine Division’s scholarly, refereed journal is now entering its 12th year. Its focus is the promotion and publication of research dealing with magazines and new media and the pedagogy related to those two areas. The journal publishes research reports, interpretive articles, opinion pieces, and critical reviews of books and teaching materials that deal with the field of magazines and new media.

If you’re interested in submitting an article, opinion piece, or review, check out the journal guidelines.

Please contribute to the Course Syllabi Sharing Service

Begun in 2002, the Course Syllabi Sharing Service includes copies of syllabi from magazine courses taught around the country, including feature writing and introductory magazine writing, advanced magazine writing and literary journalism, magazine design, magazine editing, magazine management, and online media.

If you’d like to participate in this service, please e-mail Carol Schwalbe a Word document or PDF file of your syllabi along with the name of the course. If your syllabi are already online, you can send me the URL.

Events, Etc.

Interested in reviewing a book or receiving a book to review for the Journal of Magazine & New Media Research?

Please contact Book Review Editor David Sumner.


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