Vol. 5, No. 1
Fall 2002

Table of Contents

Special Issue on Magazine Cover Research


Comments from the Editor [PDF]
Leara Rhodes
University of Georgia


Research Essay

The Art and Science of Magazine Cover Research [PDF]
Sammye Johnson, Trinity University, Guest Editor


Featured Research

Sixty-Four Years of Life: What Did Its 2,128 Covers Cover? [PDF]
David Sumner
Ball State University

Traditional Narratives Resurrected: The Gulf War on Life Magazine Covers [PDF]
Donnalyn Pompper, Florida State University
Brian J. Feeney,
Temple University

A New Culture of Covers: Slovenian Magazines in Transition [PDF]
Patricia Prijatel
Drake University


Teaching Essay

Magazine Covers and Cover Lines: An Illustrated History [PDF]
Gerald Grow
Florida A&M University


Research Notes

Books Focusing on Magazine Covers [PDF]
Sammye Johnson, Trinity University, Guest Editor