Vol. 11, No. 1
Fall 2009

Table of Contents


Editor’s Reflection [PDF]
Why did magazines grow during the Great Depression?
David E. Sumner
Ball State University


Featured Research

Supplementing the News: An Industry-Based Description
of Magazine Supplements in the Black Press from 1950 to 2000
This industry-based description of magazine supplements in the second half of the 20th century
seeks to shed light on a little-known segment of the black press.

Yanick Lamb
Howard University

Economic Rationalism: Celebrity Placement In Women’s Magazines [PDF]
A re-examination of Gandy’s information subsidy in a contemporary magazine framework
explores how subsidies are used to negotiate celebrity placement in women’s magazines.

Elizabeth Hendrickson
University of Tennessee

Information Recall of Internet News:
Does Design Make a Difference? A Pilot Study
Students who read text only or abbreviated text with photos and captions options had significantly
higher recall than those who looked at photos with captions and videos or animated graphics.

Val Pipps, Heather Walter, Kathleen Endres, and Patrick Tabatcher
University of Akron

Media Representation of Mental Disorders:
A Study of ADD and ADHD Coverage in Magazines from 1985 to 2008
A study of magazine articles over a 23-year period shows that ADD/ADHD is generally normalized,
but stigmas still persist, such as medicalization of the disorder and an emphasis on danger.

Lindsay Ray and Amanda Hinnant
University of Missouri

Good for Business? Instant Messaging at a Virtual Newsroom [PDF]
A case study of the entertainment website Jezebel uses in-depth interviews and observations
to examine the role of instant messaging (IM) in organizing work and shaping organizational culture.

Elizabeth Hendrickson
University of Tennessee


Essays, Reports, & Reviews

The Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson: A Review [PDF]
William McKeen tells the story of a writer serious about his craft who was burdened
by self-doubt and fame.

Ellen Gerl
Ohio University

Don’t Judge a Design Book by Its Cover:
A Review of Six Books on Journalism Graphics
Even in the world of publication design textbooks, it’s a gamble as to whether
the cover really indicates what’s inside.

Daniel van Benthuysen
Hofstra University