Vol. 12, No. 1
Fall 2010

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Editor’s Reflection [PDF]
Here we are now, entertain us
Elizabeth Hendrickson
University of Tennessee—Knoxville


Featured Research

Hype Artists, Con Men, Pimps, and Dopesters: The Personal Journalism of Harry Crews [PDF]
During the 1970s and 1980s, novelist Harry Crews was a prolific contributor of non-fiction articles for Playboy,
Esquire and a number of other publications. This article is the first academic examination of his journalism.

Ted Geltner
Valdosta State University

Ambivalent Messages in Seventeen Magazine: A Content Analytic Comparison of 1997 and 2007 [PDF]
This study offers a content analysis of sexual, relationship, and gender role ambivalence of texts and images
in the teen girl magazine
Seventeen from 1997 and 2007.
Suchi P. Joshi, Jochen Peter, and Patti M. Valkenburg
University of Amsterdam

Evolving Themes of Masculinity in Seventeen Magazine: An Analysis of 1945-1955 and 1995-2005 [PDF]
This research, through a discursive analysis of the decades 1945-1955 and 1995-2005, examines Seventeen magazine
(the longest and largest circulating teen girl magazine) and how the constructions of masculinity have evolved.

Jaime Loke and Dustin Harp
University of Texas at Austin

Reading Up to Women’s Magazines: The Perceived Fit of Teenage Spin-Offs [PDF]
Through a series of focus groups, this study explored whether a non-representational group of teenage girls identified
a perceived fit between women’s magazines and their teenage spin-offs. It also examined if this fit increased the chance
that the participants would read up from the teenage spin-off to the women’s magazine.

Amy Sindik
University of Georgia
Marianne Barrett
Arizona State University


Essays, Reports, & Reviews

The Marathon Man of Design: At 81, Milton Glaser is still drawing and thinking [PDF]
Milton Glaser hasn’t slowed down. Milton Glaser, graphic designer and magazine guru of the late 20th century,
still maintains an active design studio.

Daniel van Benthuysen
Hofstra University

Teaching Collaboration: A Model for Multimedia Projects [PDF]
The Collaborative Hour teaching model developed at Kent State can be adopted by other instructors who want
to integrate multimedia and teamwork into a semester-long capstone course.
Ann Schierhorn
Kent State University

Book Review: Seventeen Teaches Teens to Charm and Spend [PDF]
In Fashioning Teenagers: A Cultural History of Seventeen Magazine, Kelley Massoni offers insight into the first six years of what was meant to be a service and fashion magazine for teenagers growing up in the throes of a war-driven economy.
Miglena Sternadori
University of South Dakota