Vol. 14, No. 2
Fall 2013

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Losing Control: Using Social Media to Engage and Connect [PDF]
Magazines are in the business of specialization. This overall trait of magazines makes them a terrific medium for scholars investigating the integration of social media, which by its nature links audiences through shared interests.
Bob Britten
West Virginia University


Featured Research

City Magazines and Social Media: Moving Beyond the Monthly [PDF]
City magazines are informing the public and engaging their audiences through social media in limited but promising ways.
Susan Currie Sivek
Linfield College

Magatweets: A Content Analysis of Magazines' Use of Twitter [PDF]
The frequency of publication and the number of Twitter followers are not significant predictors of the number of tweets that a magazine posts. For the most part, magazines are more effective when it comes to using Twitter to interact with their audience when compared to a similar Twitter study of newspapers and their interaction with their audience.
Kris Boyle
Creighton University
Carol Zuenger
Creighton University

The Economics of Word of Mouth: Designing Effective Social Media Marketing for Magazines [PDF]
Theoretical and empirical studies of social networks identify the potential risks and rewards from using social media to market magazines. These risks and rewards are used to develop social media marketing guidelines that include recommendations for measuring marketing effectiveness.
Hugh J. Martin
Ohio University

Learning to Share: Magazines, Millennials, and Mobile [PDF]
This essay considers recent industry research that examines how Millennials—the generation born after 1980—use technology and consume magazine content. It also offers examples of social media approaches employed bysix magazines with large Millennial readerships.
Elizabeth Hendrickson
University of Tennessee