Vol. 16, No. 1
Fall 2015

Table of Contents


Editor’s Reflection [PDF]
Keep Your Eyes Wide
Elizabeth Hendrickson
Ohio University


Featured Research

Business as Usual? The Cultural, Economic, and Social Capital of Magazines in a Russian City [PDF]
This case study explores the seemingly paradoxical business of magazine publishing in a Russian city where social capital and commercial capital fiercely compete.
Yulia S. Medvedeva
University of Missouri

The Contribution of City Magazines to the Urban Information Environment [PDF]
This study examines the content of America's city magazines to ascertain their approach to information environment diversity and suggests how titles can flourish during changing economic and technological times.
Susan Currie Sivek
Linfield College

Persuading the Public to Lose Weight: An Analysis of a Decade (2001-2011) of Magazine Advertisement [PDF]
In this study of advertising messages about weight loss, the authors consider the intersection of dominant cultural expectations and segmented audience ideals about beauty and body.
Suman Mishra
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Rebecca Kern

Manhattan College



The Future of the Magazine Form: Digital Transformation, Print Continuity [PDF]
This practical yet provocative essay helps articulate the profound quandaries of today’s magazine form. 
David Abrahamson
Northwestern University

Academic Agility and Collegial Conversations:
The Past, Present and Future of the Journal of Magazine & New Media Research
A historical overview of the Magazine Division journal contextualizes and situates our current magazine ecosphere and subsequent scholarly pursuits. 
Kathleen Endres
University of Akron
Leara Rhodes
University of Georgia
Carol B. Schwalbe
University of Arizona
Miglena Sternadori
Texas Tech University
David Sumner

Ball State University


Book Reviews

Twenty Years of Magazine Research [PDF]
Contributors to The Routledge Handbook of Magazine Research review the last 25 years of magazine scholarship in 33 chapters and subject areas.
David Sumner
Ball State University

Harrington Shares His Craft of Storytelling [PDF]
Artful Journalism is a collection of essays that journalism professor Walt Harrington has written over many years for various publications.
David Sumner
Ball State University

A Life in the Hazy Borderlands Between Journalism and Literature [PDF]
In Man in Profile: Joseph Mitchell of The New Yorker, Thomas Kunkel sees the distinguished writer as a man with flaws, but this does not have to detract from his legacy.
Kevin Lerner
Marist College