Vol. 18, No. 1
Fall 2017

Table of Contents


Editor’s Reflection [PDF]
On Magazines and Media
Kevin Lerner
Marist College



Buckets and Fires: A Contrarian View of Long-Form Writing Pedagogy [PDF]
An instructor of longform magazine writing argues that we should expect our students to do their best work—and to tell them that we expect it.
David Abrahamson
Northwestern University

Hanging Up the Smoking Jacket: Productive Oppression and Playboy’s Impacts on Mediated Sexualization [PDF]
Following the death of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, a scholar surveys the literature and assesses the complicated and conflicted legacy of the man and the magazine.
Chelsea Reynolds
California State University – Fullerton

What Is Magazine Media? Expanding the Scope of Magazine Research [PDF]
The Magazine Media Division of AEJMC held a panel that attempted to define what makes a magazine a magazine. The results were heterodox, surprising, and illuminating.


Featured Research

Uprising to Proxy War: How Time and Newsweek Framed the Syrian Conflict (2011–2016) from War versus Peace Journalism Perspectives [PDF]
Using Johan Galtung’s war and peace journalism framework, this study examines 255 stories about the Syrian conflict in two news magazines and suggests that medium, style and production time factor into the choice of a framework for a publication.
Nisha Garud-Patkar
Ohio University

Living Healthy Versus Looking Attractive: The Multimodal Portrayal of Skin Cancer in Women’s Magazines in the United States [PDF]
This rhetorical analysis of cancer coverage in women's magazines found a complicated relationship between written stories, which emphasized a message of health, and images, which carried on the norm that tan is beautiful.
Yiyi Yang
University of Alabama

I Want To Be Like Her: Celebrity Lifestyle Brands on Pinterest [PDF]
This study analyzed the Pinterest pages of celebrity lifestyle brands and found that celebrities use the medium to enhance their celebrity status—but surprisingly, it also found that purchasable items were no more likely to be shared than other posts.
Lindsey Conlin Maxwell
University of Southern Mississippi
Coral Rae
University of Alabama
Richard A. Lewis
University of Southern Mississippi


Book Reviews

Book Review: Elitist Writers, Popular Appeal—An Uncharted Synergy [PDF]
In On Company Time: American Modernism in the Big Magazines, Donal Harris traces the relationship between big circulation American magazines and Modernist writers.
Catherine Staub
Drake University

Book Review: Whose Line Is It, Anyway? [PDF]
Julie Bradford's Fashion Journalism does the heavy lifting for instructors who want to offer substantive courses that, on the surface, might otherwise appear glitzy and superficial.
Elizabeth Hendrickson
Ohio University

Book Review: Beyond Glossy Covers: How Magazines Signify and Shape Identities [PDF]
The essays in Women's Magazines in Print and New Media represent an exciting collection that offers historical context and modern perspectives of magazines, from print publications to online periodicals and social media.
Paola Banchero
University of Alaska—Anchorage

Book Review: For, By, With, Against? Women’s Shaky Position in Magazines [PDF]
The essay collection Women in Magazines: Research, Representation, Production and Consumption provides a multifaceted look at the complicated relationship between women and magazines.
Catherine Staub
Drake University

Book Review: Sisterhood? What Sisterhood? [PDF]
The clash between promoting feminist ideas and doing justice to the movement's rich history and philosophy is an underlying theme of Elizabeth Groeneveld's book Making Feminist Media.
Miglena Sternadori
Texas Tech University

Book Review: All You Need is Love (and Money, and Audience Research) [PDF]
Jason Whittaker's Magazine Production offers an easily digestible explanation of the whole of magazine publishing, from a particularly British perspective.
Catherine Staub
Drake University