Submission Guidelines

Scope and aims
The Journal of Magazine Media is interested in articles that explore the fields of magazines and magazine media, including but not limited to research related to magazine and digital media production; publishers, editors, and other producers of magazines; writers; visual design and photography; content, including journalism and storytelling associated with the magazine form; advertising; audiences; history; socio-cultural influence; and effects. A wide variety of theoretical approaches and methodologies are welcome. Contributions should add new knowledge, challenge current opinion, or inform the readership about scholarship and research that would not otherwise be known by communication specialists. The journal takes a broad view of what constitutes magazine media. Manuscripts exploring elements of magazines in non-print media, including digital and broadcast, are both welcomed and encouraged.

Essays and reports
We welcome submissions of non-refereed articles for our Essays and Reports section. These may include reports on conferences or special events, opinion pieces, or essays that address magazines or magazine media. Reports and white papers on the magazine industry are also welcomed. If in doubt about the suitability of a piece, send a query letter to the editor.

If you are interested in reviewing a book, movie, or other media relevant to the journal's audience, contact the book review editor. We welcome queries from reviewers who have a particular review in mind as well as general requests to join our pool of potential reviewers. If you would like to suggest a book or other media for review, you should also contact the book review editor.

Research articles
The editors and editorial board make every effort to review research articles thoroughly and promptly. The process takes about three months from the date of receipt. Manuscripts judged to be outside the journal's scope are returned immediately. All other submissions are reviewed by at least two judges in a double-blind process. The judges do not know the name of the author(s) or the names of the other judges. If there is a discrepancy in recommendation between the two blind reviewers, the editors reserve the right to invite a third judge to review the paper.

The journal can accommodate monograph-length manuscripts, although articles below approximately 8,000 words (including references) are preferred. Be sure to include a 100-word abstract.

All material submitted for publication must conform to the style and documentation requirements specified in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (sixth edition) or the Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition). Although we accept submissions in either of these two styles, the Magazine Division decided at its 2013 business meeting to ask the authors of all accepted manuscripts to reformat their work to Chicago style. This applies to all manuscripts submitted after August 2013. When reformatting, please consult the 16th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, and use end notes instead of footnotes.

Art, photos, audio, and video
The electronic format of the Journal of Magazine Media allows the use of art and photographs as well as audio and video where appropriate. The author(s) need not provide such materials when submitting the manuscript, but the cover letter should indicate the availability of such materials. Authors are responsible for securing copyright approval of all art, photographs, audio, and video.

Keep tables and figures to a minimum. Do not include a table or figure if the same information can be summarized in a few sentences.

Original material
Articles are accepted for consideration with the understanding that they are original and are not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. The Magazine Media Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication holds the copyright to all issues of the Journal of Magazine Media. Contact the editor or assistant editor for permission to publish the content in any form.

We accept submissions year-round. Issues are published in Winter and Summer.

Editorial review
The editor and associate editor reserve the right to make minor changes to an accepted manuscript that do not alter the substantial meaning or results of the article or the views of the author(s). The author(s) will have a chance to approve all such changes.

Please submit three items:

1. A cover letter.

2. A separate file with the title page. Include the full name, position, institution, phone number, and both snail-mail and e-mail addresses of the author(s).

3. The manuscript. Make sure it doesn’t contain the name of the author(s) or any other identifying information. The manuscript should be double-spaced, with running heads, 12-point type, and one-inch borders.

E-mail the cover letter and manuscript as a Word attachment to the editor:

Kevin Lerner, Editor
Marist College
(845) 575-3000 x. 2661

Joy Jenkins, Associate Editor
University of Missouri
(918) 398-3330

Miglena Sternadori, Book Review Editor
Texas Tech University
(605) 760-0995

Carol Schwalbe, Managing Editor
University of Arizona
(520) 621-6223