Internships & Jobs

Career Mag
A great place to search for jobs and recruiters or to post your resume. Helpful articles about every field, including writing. The articles offer tips and suggestions on how to make yourself more appealing to potential employers.

Ed 2010
Helpful articles about résumés, salaries, success stories, and get-a-job tools in the magazine field. Also internship and job listings.

Creative Central
Select a region where you want to find a job or internship, then enter a field as a key word. The site will provide a list of available jobs and dates they were posted. Click on the job you’re interested in for a description, requirements, and application procedures.

Editor and Publisher
Jobs at magazines and newspapers updated weekly. You can search by keyword or type of job.

Folio: Magazine
Every issue of this bimonthly trade magazine for magazine publishers contains a classified section of jobs.

Get That Gig
A great site for finding magazine internships.

Journalism Jobs
Calls itself "the largest and most-visited resource for journalism jobs." Internship opportunities as well in print, broadcast, and online media.

Magazine Publishers of America Job Bank
Links to dozens of magazine jobs in New York City and elsewhere.

Media Bistro
A great site for finding magazine jobs.

Multimedia Employment
This site allows you to find multimedia jobs, compare salaries in specific regions, and sign up for an e-mail service that will send you a list of jobs that fit your needs. This site can also help you build your résumé.

Yahoo! magazine links
Links to thousands of magazine websites categorized by Yahoo! experts.