Vol. 5, No. 2
Spring 2003

Table of Contents


Comments from the Editor [PDF]
Leara Rhodes
University of Georgia


Featured Research

Cover Coverage: How U.S. Magazine Covers Captured the Emotions of the September 11 Attacks—
and How Editors and Art Directors Decided on Those Themes
Ted Spiker
University of Florida

When Goofs Need More Than Saying “We’re Sorry” [PDF]
Eric Freedman
Michigan State University

Three Decades of Male Images in Female-Targeted Magazine Advertising [PDF]
Mikalee Dahle, Dahle Communications Consultants
Jennifer Greer,
University of Nevada, Reno

Selling the “Boomer Babes”: More, My Feneration, and the “New” Middle Age [PDF]
Carolyn Kitch
Temple University

A Quantitative Analysis of U.S. Consumer Magazines:
A Ten-Year Longitudinal Study of Transformation
David Abrahamson, Northwestern University
Rebecca Lynn Bowman,
Northwestern University
Mark Richard Greer, Northwestern University
William Brian Yeado,
Northwestern University