Vol. 10, No. 2
Spring 2009

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Comments from the Editor [PDF]
Finding joy in unexpected research discoveries.
David E. Sumner
Ball State University


Featured Research

Refereed Convention Paper Productivity in the Magazine Division of AEJMC (1999-2008):
Analysis of Benchmarks and Impact of Gender
Female scholars are more likely to produce top papers in the AEJMC Magazine Division,
but male scholars present papers more often.

George W. Musambira
University of Central Florida

What Do Couples Do? A Content Analysis of Couple Images in Consumer Magazine Advertising [PDF]
The typical couple image portrayed in magazine ads is a young Caucasian couple with thin bodies
posing in front of the camera or enjoying leisure time in a relaxing setting.

Fei Xue, University of Southern Mississippi
Marilyn Ellzey, William Carey University


Essays & Reports

The Future of Magazines, 2010-2020 [PDF]
Eight predictions about how the magazine industry will change in the next decade.
David Abrahamson
Northwestern University

A Guide to the Condé Nast Papers [PDF]
An archival guide to the papers of Condé Montrose Nast, 1873-1942; 25 document boxes.
Shawn Waldron
Condé Nast Publishing

How to Build a Strong Tenure File [PDF]
Lee Jolliffe
Drake University