Vol. 11, No. 2
Spring 2010

Table of Contents


Editor’s Reflection [PDF]
Finishability—An Antidote to Information Overload
Carol B. Schwalbe
Arizona State University


Featured Research

The Articulation of Lynndie England to Abu Ghraib:
Gender Ideologies, War, and the Construction of Reality
This research analyzes the process through which news magazines made a strong connection
between Lynndie England and the Abu Ghraib prison scandal and how gender affected these articulations.

Dustin Harp
University of Texas at Austin
Sara Struckman

Online News Websites:
How Much Content Do Young Adults Want?
Young adults like to choose from a variety of online news topics. They prefer photographs and slideshows to videos.
Although they like referrals from others, they do not consider it useful to interact through comments or other means.

Amanda Sturgill
Elon University
Ryan Pierce and Yiliu Wang
Baylor University

Creativity as Branding:
An Analysis of FHM China’s Innovative Editorial Strategy
Launched in 2004, the men’s magazine FHM China has become highly profitable by relying on both circulation and
advertising, as opposed to other high-end consumer magazines in China, which rely solely on advertising revenue.

Shuang Li
University of Westminster


Essays, Reports, & Reviews

Getting Under Way in New Media: An Auto-Ethnographic Case Study [PDF]
In 1989 Jack Turner, the publisher of Soundings magazine, was just curious enough about computers to let the author
get away with articles about virtual communities of yachtsmen. After selling
Soundings and his other magazines,Turner started
an online newspaper (still going) for the Connecticut town where he lived—and another just-for-fun site about cooking.

Bob Stepno
Radford University

Grammar Challenge: Renewed Concerns, A New Approach [PDF]
Revamping the grammar proficiency class at Columbia College Chicago included creating a new tracked version
for lower achievers and switching textbooks to
Working With Words: A Handbook for Media Writers and Editors.
Betsy Edgerton
Columbia College Chicago

Teaching Twitter and Beyond:
Tips for Incorporating Social Media into Traditional Media Courses
Integrating social media into the college classroom can give instructors a powerful way to engage and teach
students in courses such as magazine writing, reporting, public relations, and minorities in the media.

Mia Moody
Baylor University

Book Review: Confidential Tells Facts and Names Names [PDF]
In Shocking True Story: The Rise and Fall of Confidential, Henry E. Scott reveals the ways the
scandal magazine undermined the Hollywood mythology of stars as all-American heroes and beauties.

Joe Bernt
Ohio University

Book Review: Prophetic Voices of Environmental Journalism [PDF]
Mark Neuzil takes a comprehensive look at the literary, historical, and religious roots of today’s
environmental journalism in
The Environment and the Press: From Adventure Writing to Advocacy.
Ellen Gerl
Ohio University

Recent and Forthcoming Books Available for Review [PDF]
If you would like to review a book on this list or other recent titles (2009 and 2010) related to magazines,
please contact Book Review Editor Joe Bernt at berntj@ohio.edu .

Joe Bernt
Ohio University