Vol. 9, No. 2
Summer 2007

Table of Contents


Comments from the Editor [PDF]
Steven R. Thomsen
Brigham Young University

From the Managing Editor: The Viability and Prestige of Online Journals [PDF]
David E. Sumner
Ball State University


Featured Research

Hayes, Herr and Sack: Esquire Goes to Vietnam [PDF]
Keith Saliba
University of Florida



What I’ve Learned, What I’ve Unlearned
David Abrahamson
Northwestern University

Blending Journalism and Communication Studies [PDF]
John J. Pauly
Marquette University

Is the News About Journalism and Journalism Education Good or Bad? [PDF]
Norman Sims
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Hope for Journalism History [PDF]
Andie Tucher
Columbia University